Trump’s Fascist Tendencies, Pt 2: Protectionism

Sheldon Richman explains one of the key components to Mussolini’s fascist Italy:

Beginning in 1929, in preparation for achieving the “glories” of war, the Italian government used protectionist measures to turn the economy toward autarchy, or economic self-sufficiency. The autarchic policies were intensified in the following years because of both the depression and the economic sanctions that other countries imposed on Italy after it invaded Ethiopia. Mussolini decreed that government bureaus must buy only Italian products, and he increased tariffs on all imports in 1931. The sanctions following the invasion of Ethiopia spurred Italy in 1935 to increase tariffs again, stiffen import quotas, and toughen its embargo on industrial goods.

Increased tariffs. Orders for government to purchase ONLY nationally made products. In fairness, there are lots of Americans from both sides of the political divide that share this belief.

And this includes the President-elect.

As quoted in the Wall Street Journal on how to supposedly rebuild the United States:

“We will have two simple rules when it comes to this massive rebuilding effort: Buy American and hire American,” Mr. Trump said at a rally Thursday evening in Cincinnati. “Whether it is producing steel, building cars or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in America and right here in Ohio, right?”

Trump on Oreo cookies:

“Nabisco, they make Oreos. They’re moving to Mexico. I’m never eating another Oreo again. I am telling you. Never.”

Trump on Apple products:

“We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries,” he said in January at Liberty University.

Trump vs. Ford Motor:

“They think they’re going to get away with this and they fire all their employees in the United States and…move to Mexico,” said Trump. “When that car comes back across the border into our country that now comes in free, we’re gonna charge them a 35% tax. And you know what’s gonna happen, they’re never going to leave.”

And so on.

Trump’s diatribes cherry-pick scenarios (“shipping jobs overseas”) without painting a full picture of supply-chains, value-added work, and how integral those aspects are to Americans as consumers and workers. Demagogues never do deal with the truth.

This isn’t meant to demean anyone who CHOOSES buy strictly American-made products. But Trump’s policy proposals aren’t about choice. It’s about using the powers of the federal government to punish individuals and companies for making consumer choices Trump disagrees with. That’s what protectionism does. Your right to choose what is best for you doesn’t matter. He wants you to pay the price for going against his agenda, no matter how damaging that agenda is to your pocketbook. Or your liberty.



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