Your Obligatory Election 2016 Postmortem

“President Donald Trump welcomes the world champion Chicago Cubs to the White House today.”

This will actually happen. Let THAT thought sink in for a moment.

To my left-wing friends and readers: I’ve read a few social media posts, lecturing the Trump crowd they need to “own” the consequences of their decision. Fair enough, but I pose this question-do YOU own what YOUR voting did to this country? While I wrote a few nice things about President Obama awhile back, the truth is that overall his presidency has been rotten. His regulations are stifling the economy, his support for more meddling in the Middle East backfired, he claims the power to detain and assassinate citizens without due process, and the centerpiece of his presidency is a convoluted mess. This is the “legacy” President Obama urged voters to protect by voting for Hillary Clinton. Own it.

To my Trump-supporting readers: if the last 8 years should have taught America anything, it’s that you don’t elevate a great orator, skillful in the use of vague platitudes, to a demigod. Instead of heeding that lesson, the “Great Hope” of Obama is replaced by the “Great Man” persona you have projected onto Donald Trump. But do you have any idea what Trump plans to do? Doubtful, since Trump says you don’t. Had you bothered, you’d understand that much of Trump’s core economic plans come straight out of the failed statist playbook. If Trump’s protectionist ideas come to fruition, our cost-of-living skyrockets without bringing back those vaunted manufacturing jobs. If Trump truly implements his immigration measures, we will have to jack up wasteful bureaucratic spending for the honor and privilege of becoming a police state. Mr. Trump has advocated single-payer health care for years. He believes in the power of infrastructure spending to stimulate growth. That’s not even getting into foreign policy and civil liberties. Do you really have as much faith in big government to make America “great” as Donald Trump does?

To vote-shamers and political tribalists of all stripes: this year’s election came down to an authoritarian scoundrel and a fascist assclown. It’s the most pride I’ve ever taken in not voting for president (although I almost buckled and cast a sympathy vote for Gary Johnson). This is the system you’ve legitimized. Stop pointing the finger at third-party voters and non-voters for their disgust at your choices.

To small-l and capital-L libertarians: a night where marijuana initiatives had great success and Sheriff Joe Arpaio went down in flames can’t be considered a bad night. Just make sure that next time you find a presidential nominee that is better prepared when he/she comes under media scrutiny. And maybe find a running mate that doesn’t gush over the opposition.


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