The Proper Response To “Contempt Of Cop”

As stated in the video description in the YouTube link, this is a pretty famous video. Maybe I’m misreading the intent, but the implication from the voiceover guy seems to be that this motorist deserved to have his behind handed to him, but the motorist is “lucky” to be dealing with a patient state trooper.

If a cop’s instinct in this situation is to resort to screaming and violence, that cop is unfit for duty.

No tasers were involved in the video above. No gunshots. No body slam tackles. No restraint holds. No punching. No kicking. No slamming anyone’s head. At worst, a little bit of condescension as the state trooper had the motorist pick up his litter.

Compare the above video to this video, of a woman “resisting arrest” for parking tickets.

A badge is not supposed to give you a license to assault people. Civilians most certainly are held accountable for violence against others, even if if the violence is an “accident.” Can we see violent police officers consistently held to the same standards?


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