President Obama’s Immigration Overhaul

The New York Times write-up of President Obama’s immigration executive order is here. Shedon Richman, not exactly a fan of President Obama, puts it this way:

Government interference with the right to move is a violation of the natural law and of individual liberty. It does not matter that such interference was enacted by a majority of both congressional chambers and signed by a president. It is illegal, and even an isolated refusal on the part of a president to enforce an unjust “law” is to be applauded.

Rush Limbaugh argues that Obama is doing this strictly to create a Democratic-voting class. I’m always cynical of political motives, so perhaps he’s right. But why would this action create new voters for the Democrats instead of Republicans? Perhaps because immigrants are tired of prominent right-wingers likening them to drug mules and space aliens?

Even if President Obama is exceeding his constitutional authority, his “authoritarianism” in this instance is removing the coercive state apparatus that consistently tears families apart. That is a hell of a lot more important than trying to strengthen conservative voting demographics. For the party of “limited government,” I guess electoral results trump moral decency.

It is safe to assume we’ll hear phantom fears of falling wages and skyrocketing welfare costs. Don’t believe a word of it. Ditto any hysteria about crime rates.

Even if his actions are too late to reverse the harm already done, I commend President Obama for his change of course.


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