Why “Criminals” Should Have Rights-So Innocents Aren’t Executed

Another reason why we shouldn’t treat the accused as criminals with no rights-so innocent people don’t die a violent death thanks to sloppy police work:

As you might expect from a search warrant based almost entirely on the tip of a meth addict who may or may not have been high when giving it, a 44-hour search of the Hooks home produced absolutely no contraband whatsoever. David Hooks was a successful businessman who ran a construction business that contracted with the U.S. government. He had passed numerous security clearances and background checks, but on the word of a thief and meth addict, he was reduced to just another casualty in the war on drugs.

A drug addict caught stealing a car is enough to produce “probable cause” for a warrant. The police don’t announce their presence and just invade a home that was burglarized a few days prior. An innocent man is dead. And public safety was just served how??

**UPDATE 12/12/14: Allegedly Mr. Hooks was shot in the head while face down on the ground.


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