The Republican Party Strategy: Shaming Non-Voters

I have received a few mailers this month from the Iowa Republican Party, voicing their disapproval on my non-voting record. Here is a mailer I received last night:

Republican Mailer

If the Republican Party wants my vote, they could start by abandoning their crony capitalism and xenophobia. Instead of, you know, fielding candidates in Iowa who embrace crony capitalism and xenophobia despite the facts against their crony capitalism and xenophobia.

Also, am I to gather, based off this mailer, that the Iowa Republican Party endorses a community of busybody neighbors not minding their own business? That’s a little too creepy for my tastes, sorry.

**UPDATE 1/31/16:  I’d like to thank the Ted Cruz campaign’s vote-shaming mailer for driving traffic to this post.  My thoughts on Cruz’s vote-shaming here.


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2 Responses to “The Republican Party Strategy: Shaming Non-Voters”

  1. Expressive Non-Voting And The Freedom Of Conscience | The Blog For Truth, Justice, & The Josh Way Says:

    […] President Obama seems to automatically assume anyone who abstains from voting is doing so because “some folks try to keep [non-voters] away from the polls.” I’m not conceited enough to speak on behalf of all non-voters, nor do I assume “some folks” have nothing but the best of intentions with their various voter ID proposals. But for this non-voter, I can assure you nobody tries to keep me away from the polls. As I’ve posted, I get inundated with mailers trying to SHAME ME to the polls. […]

  2. The Ted Cruz Vote-Shaming Campaign | The Blog For Truth, Justice, & The Josh Way Says:

    […] This post of mine from a couple years ago is getting some hits today thanks to a mailer from the Ted Cruz campaign. […]

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