Legalized Theft In The Hawkeye State

My home state has itself a nice little racket going. I’ve posted about it previously, and now this story from the Des Moines Register:

Two California poker players are refusing to fold in a legal battle against the state, claiming Iowa State Patrol troopers unlawfully seized their $100,020 gambling bankroll.

Troopers with the State Patrol’s criminal interdiction team — which works to catch drug traffickers and other criminals along interstates — used unfair procedures that target out-of-state drivers and cast suspicion on nonthreatening motorists, according to a lawsuit filed this week in federal district court on behalf of professional gamblers William “Bart” Davis and John Newmer­zhycky.

In this case, the trooper lied about why the motorist was pulled over, then used (most likely) illegal tactics to extend the traffic stop, then used a dog sniff to manufacture probable cause (because a high error rate in dog sniffs equates to “probable cause” thanks to the Supreme Court), then seized $100,000 in legal gambling winnings for possessing bits of marijuana.

How large is the racket? A $7 million-a-year cottage industry.

Who again are the bad guys in this charade? provides some good analysis here.


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