From Rule Of Law To Rule Of Men In The 21st Century

The rule of law is the principle that a nation is governed by laws and not the arbitrary rule of men. The United States is supposed to operate on this principle. When you look at the evolution of American politics in the 21st century, can there be any doubt that our government has discarded this long-time principle in favor of an imperial Executive Branch that is above the law? Consider the following:

1. A new president has designs on starting a war once he assumes office.

2. A national tragedy is used as the lynchpin for war, even if it meant lying.

3. The same national tragedy provides cover to implement policies on surveillance, detainment, renditions and torture with no effective oversight.

4. “Signing statements” are used to change the intent of the law.

5. The baton is passed to a successor, who will not charge his predecessor with crimes that were committed.

6. Despite a few cosmetic changes, the successor continues (and arguably expands) policies regarding detention, surveillance, renditions and interrogation with scant oversight.

7. The successor expands the use of drones and launches his own illegal wars. No effective checks and balances limit these actions.

8. The successor takes further measures that clearly violate the letter of the laws on the books, further reinforcing the strength of the executive branch at the expense of divided powers.

All hail to the king.


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