The Snowden-Greenwald Fallout

There’s been a lot in the news recently regarding NSA story, including last night’s Brian Williams interview with Edward Snowden, the release of Glenn Greenwald’s new book and the media reaction to his book (and the media reaction to the media reaction), and the recent revelation that Greenwald has more to report. A few thoughts:

-How interesting that a man who garnered a lot of sympathy when he was accused of “betrayal” is now throwing around similar accusations.

-As if following the White House’s lead, the selling point to last night’s interview with Mr. Snowden is whether he is a patriot or traitor. I have no issue with Mr. Williams posing that question. But is the media similarly interested in asking top US officials whether THEIR actions are a betrayal of the American people? Dragnet searches are an affront to the values the country was founded on. Pervasive surveillance structures are weapons of totalitarian regimes. While I don’t believe the United States is a totalitarian regime, the burden of proof is on the US government to show this broad use of surveillance is required. So far they have failed to make the case.

-What sort of intellectual calisthenics does it take to claim the “final say” of releasing documents “must ultimately be made by the government” means something else? Likewise, does it make any sense to tweet that a reporter’s source spews “nonsense” and the reporter himself is has “no intellectual integrity” then turn right around and claim your “full support” for the work the same intellectually unethical reporter is pursuing thanks to the information provided by the same nonsensical source? These incidents do more than anything I’ve read to validate a central claim of Greenwald’s that the establishment media is enamored with Washington power.

-I finished No Place To Hide last week. Highest recommendation.


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