Politically Incorrect Mandated Speech

An interesting twist in the controversy over the term ‘Redskins’ in sports:

I recently commented that political correctness is “ensconced” on college campuses, and this often leads to censorship. Here you have political incorrectness trying to FORCE speech at the high school level. School-mandated speech is not my definition of free speech.

The case law involving student free speech is mixed. A staunch defender of student speech was Justice William Brennan. His opinion in Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier contained the following passage:

Such unthinking contempt for individual rights is intolerable from any state official. It is particularly insidious from (a school principal) to whom the public entrusts the task of inculcating in its youth an appreciation for the cherished democratic liberties that our constitution guarantees.

Unfortunately, this was a dissenting opinion.


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