Why “Criminals” Should Have Rights

Here’s a perfect example of why I put “criminals” in quotes when posting about stories like this. Shamefully, this story comes from my home state:

A Minnesota couple is suing the Iowa City Police Department to return almost $50,000, arguing police wrongfully seized that cash. Kearnice Overton was driving with his four kids on I-80 when Iowa City police pulled him over for speeding. Police brought a K-9 unit and based on the dog giving a “silent indicator on the vehicle,” police searched Overton’s car. They found $48,000.

A dog’s vague “indicator” allows police to “establish” probable cause in executing their warrantless search. Police seize money and will be able to keep 100% of the proceeds without having to prove guilt. The couple isn’t even charged with a crime, yet have to prove their innocence in order to get their money back.

Never mind that studies show a drug-sniffing dog’s accuracy is poor, and never mind that cops have been shown to TRAIN THEIR DOGS TO ALERT. Because drugs.

**UPDATE: Apparently the feds now possess the cash in question.


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