Is America A Police State?

A recent article paints a less-than-flattering portrait of CopBlock, the decentralized group of activists dedicated to police accountability (and whose stories I have used on occasion). The author of the article, Doug Brown refers to them as “freedom trolls” who use “legally obnoxious antics.” An example of such antics is presented below:

I can imagine Mr. Brown would accuse the young man in the video of “goading” the officer. After all, why DIDN’T the driver just roll down his window?

But what’s more obnoxious, a) not rolling down a window all the way for an officer, or b) getting pissed off at someone asking if they’re being detained, having a drug dog sniff around that person’s vehicle because they disrespected you, then searching inside that vehicle without probable cause (“It wasn’t a very good alert…”)?

I’m much more concerned that cops admit on camera they’re searching a “perfectly innocent” person’s vehicle based on a phony alert that these cops had to trigger than I am about some guy’s less-than-deferential demeanor towards police officers.

Sadly, this happens every day. Which leads to the question I ask in this posting’s header: has America devolved into a police state? It’s an accusation I see thrown around often on social media.

I disagree. In a police state, this recording never makes it to the Internet. In a police state, the driver in this recording is probably never heard from again. People who claim the United States has devolved into one marginalize voices trying to speak out against police brutality, prosecutorial misconduct, and the overreaching federal surveillance apparatus (to name but a few examples).

And that’s the point. We don’t need to throw around the “police state” label to show that our freedom is fragile and requires constant defense. Whether it’s incidents such as the checkpoint above, or prosecutors withholding information, or a corrupt cop making false statements against a civilian, statists are more than willing to trample on your basic freedom. Liberty requires we stand up to statism, whatever form it takes. Statism doesn’t exist solely in police states.

No, America is not a police state. Simply being content with not being a police state, however, isn’t enough to preserve our freedom. By exercising our rights, we do our part in keeping a potential police state at bay.

Thank goodness for freedom trolls.



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