Phony Republican Outrage Over An Imperial Executive Branch

Surely Eric Cantor is just as outraged about the imperial tendencies of President Obama’s predecessor, correct? Of course not:

There’s a reason for that. Rep. Cantor, truth be told, is rather sweet on the Imperial Presidency. As he sees it, the problem with Obama’s Libyan war wasn’t its lack of congressional authorization–it was that the president wasn’t aggressive enough. Cantor’s for a more aggressive approach to Syria, a more aggressive approach to Iran–a more aggressive approach to aggression. He’s even given to quoting President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s foreign policy wisdom.

And when Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) moved to defund the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of innocent Americans’ calling records, Cantor threatened to kill the bill on a procedural technicality.

More here.

In fairness, some Republicans are principled in their opposition to imperialism. Just not the Republican leadership.


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