Daylight Saving Scam

Enjoying that lost hour of sleep today? Thank the federal government. Never mind increased energy usage and the adverse health effects. It’s important to keep pace with the Ottoman-German Alliance:

Germany, pioneer of so many other forms of modern statism, was the first to impose the practice as an energy saving measure during World War I. Most of the other warring governments, including the United States under the perniciously meddlesome administration of president Woodrow Wilson, soon followed Germany’s lead. Considered only an emergency act, Daylight Saving Time was repealed within the U.S. in 1919, over the veto of Wilson, who as an avid golfer wanted to keep the practice permanent. The repeal was supported by Wilson’s heroic successor, President Warren G. Harding, who considered Daylight Saving Time a”deception.”

Another reason to appreciate the underrated President Harding.



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