Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

Every so often, I’ll see petitions on Facebook from right-leaning friends advocating that welfare recipients undergo drug testing before they receive benefits. I’m not opposed to welfare reform, considering welfare’s unintended consequences. But is this the right strategy?

Never mind for a moment that drug testing has proven extremely wasteful and ineffective. Let’s say the cost is worth it. If that’s the case, why stop at “welfare” (defined in this case as food stamps and TANF assistance)? And why stop at simply testing for illicit drugs?

Under this logic, we should also include those receiving unemployment benefits. What about Medicare recipients? Medicaid recipients? Why not? After all, we don’t want someone spending their unemployment checks on disapproved activities, only to turn around have taxpayers pick up the bill for the medical costs associated with those disapproved activities.

Furthermore, it makes no moral sense to stop at drugs. Tobacco kills more people than illegal drugs. Alcohol kills more people than marijuana.

Conclusion: if we’re going to clean up society, recipients of any public assistance need to be drug free, tobacco free, and alcohol free. Grant government the power to enforce this morality at any cost! Besides, if you’ve done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.

Too far? I agree. As is drug testing for “welfare.”

Funny how people are willing to let the government crawl up someone ELSE’S ass, but want nothing to do with invasions of their OWN privacy.



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