Why “Criminals” Should Have Rights, Part 14

More examples of the real-world consequences when a justice system treats civilians as criminals with no rights:

-Police provide false testimony, claiming they were kicked, head-butted, and spit upon by a suspect they already had handcuffed. According to eyewitnesses, it was the police who treated the suspect like “a punching bag” for two minutes. The suspect was jailed for 385 days thanks to police allegations.

A man spends 30 years in prison for a rape. Prosecutors had evidence their suspect was cleared by blood testing from the rape kit, but still chose to prosecute. A detective in the case has a history of coaching witnesses and tampering with evidence. Indeed, evidence from this case wound up missing after the fact. A chance slide was discovered containing DNA evidence that cleared the accused.

A man gets Tased for the crime of standing within 37 feet of a police response in his neighborhood, and not responding fast enough when told to get back.

-Cameron Todd Willingham is convicted in the supposed arson murder of his 3 daughters. Evidence against him included a jailhouse informant who claimed Willingham confessed to the crimes. The informant recants in writing years later, stating “I was made to lie” by the District Attorney’s office. Willingham’s representation is never informed about this motion. Willingham is executed by the State of Texas.


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