NSA Spying and The PATRIOT Act

It’s good to see Congress confronting the Obama administration on the broad surveillance they’ve undertaken. The administration brazenly countered that similar data gathering of credit card transactions, hotel records and Internet searches is open for consideration. Per the Obama administration, this is all authorized by the PATRIOT Act.

An original sponsor of the bill, Rep James Sensenbrenner, claims the PATRIOT Act was never meant to be this broad.

It’s too bad nobody back then could foresee the federal government would engage is such overreach.

Well…except for Ron Paul. And Nat Hentoff. And Russ Feingold. And the Libertarian Party. And the late William Safire.

So actually, yes, Congressman Sensenbrenner, the Obama administration IS using the powers of the PATRIOT Act exactly as the Bush administration’s architects intended. THAT’S the problem!


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