The Bush Legacy

Today is the dedication of George W. Bush’s presidential library, and with such an occasion, commentators are using it as an opportunity to assess his legacy.

One particular white-washing comes via National Review Online, in an article penned by former Bush counselor Ed Gillespie. To Bush’s hagiographers, I’d provide these points:

-Government spending, whether measured in real dollars or as a percent of GDP, increased under Bush.

-Even Bush himself stated “This is the best we’ve got?” when presented with the “evidence” of Iraq’s WMDs, and we still went in anyway.

-The vile stain of torture.

Bush the regulator.

In the link above, Gillespie touts the Medicare prescription drug benefit comes in under budget. That masks the fact that we shouldn’t be spending the money, period.

Quite the record to be proud of.

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    […] Thank you, George W. Bush. […]

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