Gun Control Goes Down (For Now)

Earlier this week, the Senate pulled the gun bill designed to expand background checks. President Obama scolded the Senate, calling it a “shameful day.”

My question for the gun control supporters: what exactly is the point in passing laws that won’t address the problems?

President Obama says the so-called gunshow loophole allows “dangerous criminals [to] buy guns without a background check.” But as Jacob Sullum writes regarding a survey of inmates, “Three sources accounted for almost nine out of 10 crime guns: ‘friends or family’ (40 percent), ‘the street’ (38 percent), and theft (10 percent).” Guns shows equal less than two percent. A link I posted in a previous post about Newtown shows mass shootings are not more commonplace, with the peak year for these shooting occurring while the “assault weapons” ban was in place. Also, despite the horror taking place this week in Boston, statistics shows violent crime is down in America.

The gun control advocates need to come up with an evidence-based argument if they’re looking to curtail a constitutional right. So far, they only have emotional appeals and fear-mongering. It’s that type of politics that allowed Americans to get bamboozled into supporting the PATRIOT Act and the war in Iraq. These measures need to be thought through.


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