Why “Criminals” Should Have Rights, Pt 5

Answer: because when citizens are treated as “criminals” with no rights by the police, police brutality ensues:

St. Paul police kicked a man in the face as he lay on the ground and tried to explain that his mother couldn’t quickly get to the ground because she’d recently had surgery, a lawsuit says. Police then shot a “flash-bang” grenade directly at the woman, setting her afire and seriously burning her legs, according to the lawsuit.

Were the police investigating a homicide, or a rape, or child abuse? Try drugs. The drug findings: 2.8 grams of marijuana. The police never pressed any charges.

Does this seem like a reasonable search by the police, especially considering the son, Larelle Steward, answered the door when police knocked? While the St. Paul City Council is settling the lawsuit for $400,000.00:

In settling the current lawsuit, the city “does not admit any wrongdoing, improper action or liability,” according to the settlement agreement.

And so it continues.


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