Another Day in the Drug War

This sounds like a really reasonable search:

A 12-year-old girl suffered burns to one side of her body when a flash grenade went off next to her as a police SWAT team raided a West End home Tuesday morning.

“She has first- and second-degree burns down the left side of her body and on her arms,” said the girl’s mother, Jackie Fasching. “She’s got severe pain. Every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes.”

From the police chief: “We certainly did not want a juvenile, or anyone else for that matter, to get injured.” Which doesn’t exactly explain why you throw a flash-bang GRENADE into someone’s home, particularly one with children inside.

As of this writing, no charges have been pressed by the police. Even IF something is found, justifying this approach defies all logic. The tactics employed in the war on drugs are a HELL of a lot more immoral than any consumption of drugs.



3 Responses to “Another Day in the Drug War”

  1. The Grey Enigma Says:

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  2. tyroneb Says:

    (Sam Kinnison Voice – yelling)
    She got off light, look what they did to the children of Waco!!!
    (end Sam Kinnison voice)
    Mein Gott, such goons!

  3. Caught In The Crossfire « The Blog For Truth, Justice, & The Josh Way Says:

    […] incident I blogged about a few months back involving an investigation into a suspected meth lab. The raid uncovered no meth […]

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