Romney-Ryan Stuff

*Dan Mitchell has a post regarding Mitt Romney’s campaign commercial aimed at seniors on Medicare. Instead of honestly stating that Medicare needs reform, Romney takes a page out of the Democratic Party’s playbook and accuses Obama of cutting Medicare, when Obama nearly slowed the increased spending for the program. This commercial doesn’t inspire much confidence that Romney will take the bold steps needed for reform.

*Another area where Paul Ryan’s free market/limited government credentials take a back seat to statism: The American Dream Downpayment Act. This is another piece of legislation, combined with numerous other actions by HUD, Fannie & Freddie, the Federal Reserve, and others, that contributed to the housing bust of 2008 and the subsequent recession. As this link explains, government-manipulated favoritism towards home ownership was responsible for “luring thousands of moderate-income families into bankruptcy.” The government’s heavy-handedness supplanted market rules, and everyone paid the price.

What does this have to do with Paul Ryan? Guess who co-sponsored this legislation. It should be noted this legislation was passed by a Republican-controlled House & Senate, and signed into law by a Republican president. One of the 2012 presidential candidates opposed this law at the time, but the Republicans don’t want us to take him seriously.

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