The Paul Ryan VP Pick

My thoughts: eh.

I’m not good at handicapping politics, so I won’t presume to predict the electoral impact of choosing Paul Ryan.

From a policy perspective, I don’t think it matters. With the exception of Cheney, VPs have no impact on policy. I doubt Ryan would change that if Romney-Ryan wins in November.

And if they do win, and Ryan is shockingly given authority in shaping policy, I still don’t see a radical change in the country’s direction. As other libertarians (and some liberals) have noted, Ryan was a supporter of Bush’s wars, TARP, auto bailouts, No Child Left Behind and the Medicare prescription drug benefit. has more on Paul Ryan here.



One Response to “The Paul Ryan VP Pick”

  1. Jamie Lee's Glassware Blog Says:

    Romney was just playing to the base. Now when they lose, they will have one less excuse.

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