Another Appalling Drug War Story

Radley Balko writes about a new tactic law enforcement is employing in their war on our civil liberties via the war on drugs: asset forfeiture of bail money.

Asset forfeiture already has dubious work-arounds on the Constitution. The cops in Balko’s article are taking things a step further by insisting that bail be posted ONLY with cash, then claiming the cash brought in was used in drug transactions, which gets “verified” by drug-sniffing dogs.

The people highlighted in the article pulled money together from family, friends, tax returns, disability payments, etc. NOT from dealing drugs. No warrants are being issued to seize the money. Add to this the considerable fallibility of drug-sniffing dogs.  Does this really add up to probable cause?

If you ever wonder what an America without a strong 4th Amendment looks like, here you go.


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