The Obamacare “Death Panels”

In the past, I’ve posted about the so-called “death panels” that Sarah Palin alluded to when she opposed Obamacare.

Nat Hentoff expands on the premise in an article discussing the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a component of Obama’s health care “reform.” The IPAB will have the authority to change payment rates under Medicare.

Critics of Obamacare say this will amount to health care rationing, or so-called “death panels” where bureaucrats determine whether or not a person can receive funding to treat a potentially fatal disease.

The “death panel” premise is controversial, but not without merit. Unfortunately, Great Britain has many examples of potentially life-saving procedures getting denied to patients. Canada has its own examples of treatments being denied by panels.

Both of these systems are single-payer. So is Medicare. Is this the future of health care for American senior citizens? Hopefully Obamacare is overturned so we don’t have to find out.

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