Policing Drug Motels

A story that peaked my interest, since I used to work as a weekend night auditor at a budget motel. Per DrugWarRant.com, a story of a budget motel getting seized by law enforcement because patrons used it for drug activity.

It’s a story of asset forfeiture run amok. The motel’s owner is not charged with a crime, yet his property is taken anyway. The government does not need to prove the owner’s guilt to keep his property. Nor is it enough for the owner to prove his innocence. A nice little loophole for the government to circumvent the Bill of Rights in the name of the War on Drugs. Here’s a pretty good link on the background of asset forfeiture.

The real kicker to this story: the local law enforcement agency could receive up to $1 million from the sale of his motel.

As Elaine Benes would say, “Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.”


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2 Responses to “Policing Drug Motels”

  1. claygooding Says:

    The seizure laws are just another harm dne to our society by the war on some drugs.

    It was originally set up as a tool to use against drug cartels and large traffickers but has evolved into a tool used to steal .

    That is the way of the drug warriors,,,give them an inch and they will buy the science and support to take it a meter.

  2. Tonda la biopsy Says:

    Looks good, i went ahead and bookmarked you on Digg.com under “Policing Drug Motels The Blog For Truth, Justice, & The Josh Way”. So hopefully our friends can give you a visit. Cheers!

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