Why “Criminals” Should Have Rights, Pt 2

This post from earlier this year has proven to be my most read blog post. In short, if we don’t honor the rights of “criminals,” then the state has zero incentive to honor the rights of anyone. They’ll treat everyone like “criminals” with no rights. The following stories reveal what happens when government doesn’t honor the rights of citizens:

*Defendants coerced into confessing crimes they did not commit and get locked up, and the state nevertheless tries to keep them locked up even when innocence is proven.

*Defendant gets locked up for crimes he didn’t commit, and the state covers up evidence that proves defendant’s innocence.

*Cops attempt to frame innocent citizens for crimes.

*Cops unlawfully enter home, shoot an innocent person, then handcuff that person, allowing the person to bleed to death while framing said innocent person for a crime.

*Police brutality.

*Police brutality.

*Police brutality on disabled man and grandmother. Also “justified” execution of friendly dogs.

*Disabled bicyclist tasered to death by police officer.

*The likely execution of innocent people.

All examples of the consequences of the government treating its citizens like “criminals” with no rights. Something we should all be ashamed of and, unfortunately, very few are.


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