Big Government Orthodoxy

Funny how liberals criticize critics of President Obama for clinging to ideology while continuing to cling to discredited big-government Keynesian policies.

Such is the case with this commentary. While attacking the Republicans for clinging to “small government orthodoxy,” the writer claims Obama’s jobs bill will create 2 million jobs. And regulations are a good thing, no questions asked.

Here’s the recent success of “grown-up” big-government orthodoxy:

*President Obama’s “stimulus” set the private sector back. Do we really need to go down this road again, spending billions we can’t afford for results that won’t materialize?

*Despite continued assertions by the left, the George W. Bush era was defined by INCREASED regulatory activity. (Calling Senate Republicans proponents of small government is like erroneously labeling FDR the savior of the American economy) It was the stringent enforcement of regulations that played a key role in the housing bust that triggered our current economic malaise.

So, yeah, lets double-down on THESE programs.


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