Protection Against “Black Market” Lemonade

The new disturbing trend in nanny state politics is the war on lemonade stands.  Our brave men in blue are cracking down on kids who have the audacity to sell lemonade from roadside stands, since these kids haven’t gone through the permit process or submitted their lemonade pitchers to health inspections.

One example is from my home state.  During Iowa’s famous RAGBRAI bicycle ride across the state, the police in Coralville shut these youngsters down.

There are many other examples (here, here, and here).  Astonishingly, the anti-lemonade stand stance has its defenders.

What is so immoral about kids showing a little entrepreneurial spirit, showing a little initiative, engaging in some productive work, providing consumers with something they may want?  Is society really in danger when customers pluck down some pocket change for a quick cool refreshment?  Are commercial establishments and competing vendors really in danger of losing their livelihoods from some kid selling a cup of Minute Maid?  Because if you can justify the actions these officials are taking, then you believe that yes, society IS in danger from lemonade stands, and yes, it IS immoral for kids to learn about hard work, entrepreneurship, and the value of money.  That YES, commercial enterprises and competing food vendors should be protected from the predatory pricing of lemonade stands.

If that’s your belief, quite frankly you’re an asshole.

Ms. Cepeda blames the pro-lemonade stand crowd for turning this into a political issue.  It’s definitely a political issue, hence the Lemonade Freedom Day event held a couple days ago (which the folks in Washington DC bravely shut down).  But the blame belongs to local officials making asinine rules, and the goons they send out to enforce those asinine rules, for making this a political issue.  Is there any part of neighborhood interaction that these statists WOULDN’T regulate?  What’s next, shutting down bake salesBabysittersGarage sales?

Has there been an outbreak of lemonade-stand illnesses amongst lemonade stand connoisseurs that makes these regulations necessary?  Are there bunch of unregulated little Jim Joneses running around spiking lemonade with cyanide?

Of course not.  This has NOTHING to do with public health, and everything to do with local governments wanting get their greedy little hands on every single penny they can, even if it means shaking down elementary school kids.

Watch out, Girl Scouts, YOU’RE NEXT!!

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3 Responses to “Protection Against “Black Market” Lemonade”

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