Terry Jones Censored By Dearborn, MI

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones was arrested in Dearborn, MI for planning to protest in front of an Islamic center.  Or as Dearborn officials put it, failing to pay a peace bond.

Jones has an ally not exactly favored by the religious right: the ACLU.  The ACLU calls this an “unconstitutional prior restraint of free speech” because Jones is being required to post payment for the anticipated actions of OTHER people, not the actions he would have made during his protest.

Just as I think it’s ridiculous that Newt Gingrich wants New York City officials to prevent an Islamic center from being built near Ground Zero (despite the fact that their was an Islamic prayer center in the WTC) because of the asinine argument that Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow churches and synagogues (because Americans derive their religious liberty from Saudi Arabia in Newt’s world??), the actions by Dearborn officials are equally ridiculous.

Let Jones stage his protest, exposing his views for all to see, and in the process probably do more HARM to his cause, as everyone can see how foolish these religious zealots really are.

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