Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plans Using Obamacare Model?

It’s a reasonable conclusion to draw from this ABC News article.  The “radical” budget plan of Rep. Paul Ryan calls for setting up insurance exchanges for Medicare patients.  Insurance exchanges are also a key component of the health care “reform” President Obama signed into law.

The article attempts to emphasize the differences between Ryan’s exchanges and the Obamacare exchanges.  It’s these differences that lead Reason magazine’s economics columnist Veronique de Rugy to commend Ryan’s Medicare plans (although not endorsing his budget overall).

Shikha Dalmia, also from Reason, sees it differently.  By their very nature, government “exchanges” or “connectors” are not cost-saving mechanisms.  They are highly regulated, mandating generous benefits.  These mandates allow for very little price competition.  That’s not exactly a step in the free market direction that conservatives allegedly endorse.


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