Defining Left-Libertariansim

Sheldon Richman has a good post on his blog explaining why he considers himself a left-libertarian.

You don’t have to love Corporate America to believe in the free market.  In fact, the statist-corporate marriage is anything but free-market oriented, with so many barriers, regulations, taxes, licensing fees, and tariffs set up for the sole purpose of preventing competition in the marketplace. As Richman points out, the trickle-down effect for many are “ugly conditions and arbitrary authority that likely could not endure in a truly free and competitive economy where alternative self-employment and small-scale farming would be unburdened by government.”

Human suffering is real. Poverty is real. Those wishing to educate people on libertarianism would be well-served to acknowledge that, and to show how libertarian policies can alleviate the crappy conditions government has subjected us to.



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